Rakurs LLC is a well-resourced and full-service oilfield supply company serving the regional Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects and Industry in Azerbaijan.

The company has associations with renowned manufacturers, major mills and suppliers across Europe, USA, Far East and the Sub-Continent.

Rakurs LLC distribution and supply business established 2010 as well established local LLP with Azerbaijan partner.

We are holders of exclusive Distributorships with famous worldwide branded manufacturers, such as:

Baku Operational office and Central Logistics & Supply Hub in Hannover, Istanbul and Bejing
More than US$ 200 K of inventory available in Aktau with off-the-shelf supply
Specialists in oil field supplies and special procurement
Holder of Exclusive Distributorships with famous worldwide branded manufacturers
Main suppliers to largest operators in Kazakhstan, such as TCO, AGIP KCO, Exxon as well as main service contractors, such as Astrastar, Caspian Offshore Construction, ESS and others
Experts in supply chain, logistics and stock management

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Mechanical, Hydraulic tools – Elora (Germany), Force (Taiwan), Sumake (Taiwan);
Valves, Tubes and Fittings - MAS FLANGE (Turkey)
Armed, Power, Flexible Cables – Eland Cables (UK), 2M Kable (Turkey);
Electrical Materials (Explosion proof) – Cooper Crouse (Germany), Osram (Germany), DNH (Norway), Warom Group (China);
Breathing Apparatus and Gas Detectors - Draeger Safety (Germany)
Welding equipment – Telwin (Italy), The Harris (USA);
Printing Solutions - Brady, DuraLabel (USA)